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Buying one piece, to large collections.

Get rid of your duplicate or disposal stuff for extra cash.

Just to let you know, I add about 30-35 kits, promos, builts and  1/24-1/25 scale die cast to my collection each year. It has definitely become a challenge to find items interesting enough to put into my personal goody box, so I take what I can get and accept the fact that I am unlikely to complete my want list any time soon.  The rare model market has become seriously diluted in this century due to the infiltration of ebay into the hobby.

Kits donít just disappear; they go from an original owner to a serious (and possibly wealthy) collector, or to possibly another seller, who will then jack up the price further and make it difficult for the middle class hobbyist to afford it.  The more I look at my own collection, accumulated over the past 15 or so years, the more I realize how difficult these kits would be to find if I ever decided to sell and then re-buy the kit again!  

FREDíS PERSONAL WANT LIST-ho ho ho. No I donít want a ho!

AMT                Penske Race Team, 72 Monte Carlo, 67 Galaxy, Motor City series kits,

                         66 Hemi Under Glass Cuda molded in gold, 68-9 Lincoln

MPC                Dodge Fever Bee

Johan             SC Rambler molded in red

Any                  kits of Toyota Tercel or Dodge Colt

Promo 65       Fairlane in red

Aurora            Peppermint Fuzz rod

Pyro                thanks to Mike Sweet for trading me a 52 Chevy wagon!!!

I occasionally sell kits from my own collection, usually when I get tired of looking at them. This happens usually 20 times or less per year.  My collection is actually still growing by about 40 to 50 pieces a year, but Iím out of space for indoor display and storage, so some kits end up in cold storage here in Buffalo.


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